DIY no-sew crib skirt from the faux martha

After I assembled Hal’s crib, I was so disappointed to see this empty, unattended to space between the mattress and the base of the crib. The pictures I had seen of the crib were at the lowest setting, you know, where the mattress rests at the base of the crib, and, as a first-time mom, I didn’t consider how the mattress would look way up high for a really tiny baby. So I attended to the unattended to space and figured out how to make a crib skirt without a sewing machine or much skill. Six years later, I did the same for Linnie’s crib. If that space drives you crazy too, or if you’re just looking to add a pop of pattern, here’s a very simple DIY No-Sew Crib Skirt tutorial. Read more

DIY baby mobile tutorial from the faux martha

We invested in a couple of pieces for Linnie’s room that would last deep into life. But I just couldn’t bring myself to invest in this cute $90 baby mobile that would only last months. Instead, I made a similar baby mobile for Linnie’s room for under $30. (We’ll turn those felted wool balls into a garland when she’s no longer enamored with lying on her back and looking up at the world.) If you’ve been dreaming of an easy tutorial for a DIY Baby Mobile, well, here it is. Read more

Nordic Winter Wreath in dining room at the fauxhouse

If you walk by our house on any given winter night, the house flickers with wood-scented candles curated by our inhouse candle man, Kev, with hanging battery-powered candles curated by our inhouse mom, me, with the gas fireplace, too. If you read any articles or posts on how to hygge in the winter, how to cozy, they’ll tell you to light candles and drink something warm. Nighttime rituals. But what about the daytime? I’ve made it my job to add a little merry to our indoor winter decor this year with these wreaths and this Nordic Winter Garland. Maybe you need a little extra merry too? Read more

Indoor Winter Wire Wreath from The Faux Martha

It was the first week back at school, back at work, post-holidays, and I was on the couch nursing the bug I managed to get after dropping everyone off at the airport. I was in need of adding a bright spot to our house, for the rest of winter, in place of the downed Christmas decorations leaving bare walls, that could also stand in as decor for the Nordic Winter Party. Were we moving? No. In fact, we were just settling into our long winter lap, the most significant 4 months of winter. Let there be light by way of an Indoor Winter Wire Wreath, I wished. And there was.  Read more

Nordic Winter Party

Melissa, stay focused. I tell myself. Maybe just stick with recipes or design or writing. You’re all over the place. Or don’t. The or don’t seems to keep winning, as if I have no control over what I do. (I do.) Because we just threw a party, hosting the first annual Nordic Winter Party in the Twin Cities, hopefully the first of many. These parties have happened before on a very, small intimate scale, and the consensus after each is that we need more things like this in winter. More low-key, merrymaking gatherings to look forward to. Places to connect with something warm to drink and cozy to eat.  Read more

I’m pretty bad at goodbyes. I’m also the last one to leave every party or gathering. Wrapping things up isn’t my forte. I’m best at lingering. As I watch the cursor blink, blink, blink, bumming a desk space at the studio as I write this post, I’m having trouble wrapping up this project too. The Pinch of Yum Studio, a project that began 6 months ago, has come to an end. I’ve learned so much, mostly learning how much I’ve yet to learn. What is it they say—the more you know, the less you really know? And yet, I’m so proud of what we created. And proud, too, that I took my own advice, to play, and figure out where The Faux Martha is headed in the future. OK, without any further awkward lingering at the front door, come on in. I’d love to walk you through the Pinch of Yum Studio Kitchen and Dining Room reveal, where the magic happens, especially that magic green sauce. (PS—Here’s the office tour in case you missed it.) Read more

Sometimes, my yes is fast. Maybe too fast? A couple weeks before they asked the question, Kev and I were sitting on the kitchen counter talking about what’s next. I had finished designing our home and was itching to keep designing. Not a week later did our friends ask if I’d be interested in helping design their new studio space. “Yes!” I said without hesitation.

I thanked my lucky stars that Kimberly, who works with me, was along for a new ride without a paved road. Somehow, we did it. (I couldn’t have pulled this off without her.) Or without IKEA, who partnered with us to furnish the space. Or without Bjork and Lindsay, who believed in me enough to ask. And without further adieu, I’d love to share my fast yes and slow execution with you; the Pinch of Yum Office reveal is below. Thank you, too, for being along for my many rides—from dinnertime to the dinner table to the Pinch of Yum Studio. Read more

We’re really close to wrapping up the Pinch of Yum Studio design project, a project that started a whopping 6 months ago. A project that began with me asking a lot of personal and professional questions that seemed to keep running into each other, begging for answers. I took the one-word advice I’ve given to others with a pile of questions that need answering: Play. That’s just what I did. In this case, play looked like designing a space outside of my home, for a client other than myself and Kev, thankfully for friends. It’s been messy and amazing, fun and hard. I’ll tell you more about all this playing another day. A couple weeks ago, I shared the office design plans and the aesthetic for the studio. Later this week, I’ll share the final reveal of the office spaces (!). But today, I’m sharing the kitchen and dining room renderings. Read more

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