DIY baby mobile tutorial from the faux martha

We invested in a couple of pieces for Linnie’s room that would last deep into life. But I just couldn’t bring myself to invest in this cute $90 baby mobile that would only last months. Instead, I made a similar baby mobile for Linnie’s room for under $30. (We’ll turn those felted wool balls into a garland when she’s no longer enamored with lying on her back and looking up at the world.) If you’ve been dreaming of an easy tutorial for a DIY Baby Mobile, well, here it is.

DIY baby mobile tutorial from the faux martha

How to Make a DIY Baby Mobile

TIME: 3 hours   COST: $30

Here’s what you’ll need:

how to make a baby mobile from the faux martha


First, tightly wrap the hoop in the yarn. To do so, start by holding about a 1/2″ of the yarn on the loop, wrapping the yarn over it to hide the endpoint. Once you’ve wrapped the entire hoop, carefully tuck the end of the yarn underneath the last loop. (Note: During Step 2, loop your first dangling strand of the mobile over this intersection to add extra stability.) 

pulling needle through felted ball


Next, make the stands. Cut six pieces of yarn, about 28″ long. Then thread the yarn through the large needle. Next, choose 5 wool balls of mixed sizes for each strand. Pierce the center of each wool ball with the needle, and pull it onto the strand of yarn. To the last ball, thread the yarn back through the ball, near the initial hole, and tie off a discrete knot at the top of the ball. This is the bottom of the strand. Set aside and repeat to the other stands. 

Step 3

Attach the strands to the prepared hoop. To do so, grab the top of each strand, and simply loop several times around the hoop so that the final length of the strand is between 20–21″ long, with the yarn falling on the outside of the hoop, as opposed to the inside. Tie a discrete knot after looping. 

Step 4

Snip off the excess yarn at the base of each knot, adjusting the length of the strand first, if needed. Adjust the placement of the balls as desired, keeping things unevenly spaced for the best appearance.

Step 5

Now to hang the mobile. Cut two 22″ strands of yarn. With the first strand, wrap several times on opposite sides of the hoop, and tie a discrete knot at each end, snipping off any extra yarn. Attach the other strand perpendicular to the first strand, doing your best to make sure the length of this strand is even with the first one as the weight of the mobile will center on their intersection point. Set aside.

baby crib with stripped wallpaper and felt mobile

Finally, cut an extra-long strand of yarn for hanging. Pick up the center of the two strands just attached to the hoop and run the extra-long strand underneath both. With a hook attached securely to the ceiling, hang the strand, adjusting to your desired length. Tie the strand into a secure small bow or knot. Gently tug on the hoop to level your DIY Baby Mobile. To spin, gently twist two opposing strands. And voila!

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