The Minimalist Kitchen Course from The Faux Martha

I’ve been hard at work, behind the scenes, creating a comprehensive resource for you. The Minimalist Kitchen Course is coming to a computer near you, January 8th to be exact. This course is an addendum to my book. A prequel to the sequel. A tighter hand hold. Not like a squeeze-your-hand hold, more like a hold-your-hand hold. Many were able to take my book, The Minimalist Kitchen, and pare down their kitchen easily. And others were like, break it down now. Which is how I feel anytime someone talks about business or tax stuff. I’m like break it waaaayyyy down now. That’s how this course has been designed. The book still stands. In fact, you’ll need to use it as your textbook for the course.

So if you’ve ever said:

Her book is too minimalist.
It’s not minimalist enough.
Heck, I’m not a minimalist.
Oh my gosh, she keeps a tortilla warmer around. She’s no minimalist.
My kitchen makes me curse.
My kitchen is too small.
Mine is too big.
I used to love to cook.
I’ll get to that room one of these days.

Then this course is for you.

The Minimalist Kitchen Course Details


January 8–29, 2019: course will go live every Tuesday morning on the blog


Everyone is invited


A 4-week course to help to simplify and organize the most complicated closet in the house—the kitchen—from the pantry to the spice drawer to your recipes.


The Minimalist Kitchen
Purchase where books are sold, check out from the library, or borrow from a friend. If your library system doesn’t have a copy, you can always request it.

ALERT: I’m giving away two signed copies of the book for those who sign up by December 20, 2018 at 11:59 pm CST. Winners will be chosen at random from the course list. Join below.   


This four-week pantry cleanse course is sponsored by OXO. We’ve partnered together to make this resource free to you. Thank you for supporting a brand that makes my kitchen—especially my pantry—run more smoothly.

Course Outline


Audit the Space  // Watch the Q&A on Facebook or YouTube


Take Inventory // Watch the Q&A on Facebook or YouTube


A Gentle Paring Down // Watch the Q&A on Facebook or YouTube


Putting it all Back Together Again  // Watch the Q&A on Facebook or YouTube

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