Nordic Winter Wreath in dining room at the fauxhouse

If you walk by our house on any given winter night, the house flickers with wood-scented candles curated by our inhouse candle man, Kev, with hanging battery-powered candles curated by our inhouse mom, me, with the gas fireplace, too. If you read any articles or posts on how to hygge in the winter, how to cozy, they’ll tell you to light candles and drink something warm. Nighttime rituals. But what about the daytime? I’ve made it my job to add a little merry to our indoor winter decor this year with these wreaths and this Nordic Winter Garland. Maybe you need a little extra merry too?

how to make a Nordic Winter Wreath with the faux martha

How to Make a Simple Nordic Winter Garland

What you’ll need to make a 15-foot garland

wooden bead garland

Step 1

Make 24 pom-poms using this method, 3 fingers thick, cut into about 1.75″ balls. This is something to make over several days. OR start with felted wool balls.

Step 2

Cut a 20-foot piece of yarn. You can also tie together several strands as you go. Tie a single loop around the pom pom on one end of the yarn. If using wool balls, with the needle threaded through the yarn, poke straight through the center of the ball. Then add 5 wooden beads on to the needle (small, medium, large, medium, small). Push beads towards the pom-pom.

wooden bead garland with wool balls

Step 3

Then tie another single loop around the pom-pom to secure it into place. There’s no need to double knot here. (Or, if using a wool ball, thread the needle straight through the ball.) Add beads in the same pattern, and repeat until ending with a pom-pom or felt ball.

Nordic Winter Wreath from the faux martha

Step 4

Simply hang the Nordic Winter Garland by draping over a mirror, a chalkboard, or wherever you see fit.


Nordic Winter Party at Studio 125 in Minneapolis

Image Credit: Sage E Imagery

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