Melissa Coleman of The Faux Martha on going gray

Last year, I wrote about grey hair on a whim as it was connected to my confidence, mostly lack of confidence, around blogging and launching a book. Who knew a color change could draw out so many emotions? That post received a surprising number of comments and follow up questions about what I had decided, which tells me it’s on more minds than just mine. As more grey hairs have moved in over the last year, it’s forced my answer to the question—to grey or not to grey? I’ve invited two beautiful women, Zoë from Zoë Bakes and Cathy from The Grit and Polish, to share their grey hair experience with you, along with my own. Read more

Waterhog from LLBean from The Faux Martha

You know you’re getting old when you start telling everyone how much you love the doormats at your front and back door. When you hold a spot on Valentine’s Day, a day for declaring love, to wax on about these mats. When you write a “poem” titled: Ode to the Waterhog. There’s no going back from here. Last year I went on a hunt to find an industrial strength doormat that didn’t also scream industrial. Our wood floors were taking a hit during the wet months of the year, as were our rugs. The floors were always damp, and the rugs were always dirty. Enter the waterhog. Love is in the air and on the floor. Read more

Tres Leches Hot Chocolate recipe from The Faux Martha

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s harder to stay than it is to go,” Kev says aloud. Kev wonders a lot of things, which makes him a good psychologist, which also makes me wonder about things I’d overlook. Cozy up with me for a second over a cup of Tres Leches Hot Chocolate. I have a story about staying, a story that was slowly telling itself last year. Read more

The Minimalist Kitchen Course from Melissa Coleman

Exhale. We made it to week 4! Is your kitchen looking a bit like Humpty Dumpty after the big fall? There’s this children’s book I love, called After the Fall. It’s the story of how Humpty Dumpty got back up again. But this particular story is more about the process. The messy process is just as powerful as the beautiful outcome, if not more. As you’re feeling the it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better syndrome, I hope you’re able to embrace the humble story of the egg. We’re implementing a new framework, a new system for navigating the kitchen. Good things like that take time. They make messes. And then, they get better. This week is about how to make it better. Read more

The Minimalist Kitchen Week 3: A gentle paring down

After spending the first two weeks of the course auditing, taking notes, and conceptualizing your kitchen, we’re finally moving into the action stage. Say it with me now. A-C-T [clap, clap, clap] I-O-N [clap, clap, clap]. Action, people, action! We’re paring down your kitchen this week. Read more

Healthy Mint Chip Green Smoothie from The Faux Martha

I want to take you to a warm place I met last summer. Under a big, tall tree. Beneath a lush pile of grass. On top of a kilim blanket. A blanket from the basket just outside the front door of the juice shop. There were mountains in the background. But this particular story isn’t about the mountains. Because traveling to the mountains with a then 4-year-old, like we did last summer to meet up with family, well, there’s only so much you can do. And not a lot of those things involve mountains. Except for the day we took the overpriced gondola to the top of the world. She loved it. Read more

The Minimalist Kitchen course Week 2 Take Inventory

Keep your hard hat on. This week we’ll be taking inventory of the insides of your kitchen, to everything from the tools to the ingredients. And if your kitchen is spilling over as much as mine was a couple years ago (see below), that hard hat might actually come in handy. By the end of this week, we’ll be putting on a new hat, ready to finally pare down. Before we dive in, let’s do a quick recap of last week. Read more

Pantry Friendly Aloo Gobi from The Faux Martha

The practical art of making more with less. It’s the tagline of my book. It’s one of my favorite things to think about and implement into my life. I like to talk about it, too. You can listen to this podcast with Robyn of Real Food Whole Life. Throughout our conversation, Robyn asked me to break this idea down and break it down again. To be honest, it’s a complex, multi-faceted thing to break down. While this idea is intuitive for some, it’s counterintuitive and confusing to others. Many would think, if I pare down my kitchen, for example, then I’ll only be able to make basic, 5-ingredient recipes. Aside from Marcella Hazan’s brilliant 5-ingredient tomato sauce (you can see my version here), not a lot of recipes come together in so few of ingredients. At least not many you’d want to make again and again. That’s why this whole less-is-more thing is so incredible. Stay with me. If you do, there’s a Lodge Cast Iron giveaway at the bottom.  Read more

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