Kev's Kale Protein Smoothie from the faux martha

Unlike me, Kev can keep 8 plates spinning at the same time. I’m best with one, maybe two. Unlike me, Kev works out in the mornings in order to fall asleep at night. I can fall asleep anytime, no matter my activity level. And unlike me, Kev prefers to drink his breakfast. I like to chew mine and linger with Savannah and Hoda and Craig and Al. But if I could spin more plates or figure out how to wake up early to work out, I think I’d drink my breakfast too, as long as it tasted like Kev’s Kale Protein Smoothie. Read more

iced maple cardamom latte from the faux martha

Every post lately feels like the how-to paragraph I first learned to write in 2nd grade: how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or as Hal calls it: a peanut butter jelly and sandwich). First this, then that, next, finally. It’s a mirror to our regimented, first-this-then-that days right now, where every single hour is accounted for. Can you hear it? The 11 am chimes of the pumps are humming now, Hal’s singing the same ole “is it lunchtime yet?” chorus, and Linnie’s legs are bouncing to the beat of it all. Read more

how to prep kale for the week from the faux martha

Prepping kale with a new baby seems like a silly idea. And while you’re doing it—destemming, chopping, cleaning, and drying—it seems like a silly idea. But when a big batch lasts the whole week, at-the-ready in the fridge, like the trusty carrot or the onion, you keep doing it week after week and drop it into everything, like this Quick Chipotle Kale Slaw and these Crispy Kale and Chickpea Bowls and that Thai Mango Kale Salad and Kev’s Kale Protein Smoothie. Here’s my method to the madness for having crispy kale all week long (and only making a big mess prepping it once). Read more

Reusable Food Storage from the faux martha

I’m back with an update on my favorite reusable food storage items. This post was originally published two years ago when I was just beginning to change some of my habits in the kitchen to create less waste, from food storage to food itself. Two years later and I’m still at it, working to keep our trash heap as minimal as possible, composting as much as possible. Because there’s an understood rule of the trail— through the worn path up a mountain and down the driveway on trash night—leave no trace. I know this rule from Kev, who likes to backpack. It’s a rule much easier to follow when you only have a couple things on your back. It’s a rule that looks a little different in a home. Below are my favorite reusable food storage items that make this task more doable. Read more

Crispy Kale and Chickpea Bowls from The Faux Martha

This time around the new motherhood sun, I had plans to help myself succeed, plans I didn’t know to bother with the first time. You know, plans like childcare outside the house for Linnie and summer camp for Hal; plans like washing my face every day and ordering meal kits to make sure we eat at least one satisfying meal a day. Simple plans thwarted by COVID, all of them except ordering meal kits, which saved dinnertime the first two months as a family of 4, which also inspired this post and recipe for Crispy Kale and Chickpea Bowls now on regular rotation over here. (PS—We’re going a little crazy, but I’m so thankful for all this extra time with my girls.)

Read more

DIY no-sew crib skirt from the faux martha

After I assembled Hal’s crib, I was so disappointed to see this empty, unattended to space between the mattress and the base of the crib. The pictures I had seen of the crib were at the lowest setting, you know, where the mattress rests at the base of the crib, and, as a first-time mom, I didn’t consider how the mattress would look way up high for a really tiny baby. So I attended to the unattended to space and figured out how to make a crib skirt without a sewing machine or much skill. Six years later, I did the same for Linnie’s crib. If that space drives you crazy too, or if you’re just looking to add a pop of pattern, here’s a very simple DIY No-Sew Crib Skirt tutorial. Read more

Chipotle Kale Slaw Quesadillas from the faux martha

Dinnertime right now is a game of how fast can I get dinner on the table with enough vegetables tucked inside—because, have I gotten enough vegetables today?— before the baby wakes up. It’s also a game of how can I accessorize the same simple meal I’ve made a thousand times over the last couple of months into something new-ish. Just like adding a necklace to the same chambray dress, slaw can somehow dress up the same old same old quesadilla into something oh-my-gosh good. That and swapping your regular quesadilla cheese for something smoky and spicy. Tonight, I won with these Chipotle Kale Slaw Quesadillas. Read more

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