Travel Ready Breakfast | @thefauxmartha

Before every trip, I promise myself that this time I’ll pack a homemade breakfast. And then as I’m running out the door to catch my flight because I’ve only just packed my suitcase, I swear it for next time. And you know how the story goes next time. It’s on repeat. What’s also on repeat—the way I feel after traveling. Not good. My body is in such a steady rhythm, that one little hiccup and an order of airport food will throw it out of alignment. Completely. So as we enter into a season laden with travel, either by plane, train, or automobile, I want to pass on a life-saving tip I’ve only just learned. Pack a travel ready breakfast —a bag (or 2) of Seven Sundays Muesli, a bowl and a disposable spoon, and an iPad for reading pleasure. Wherever you find yourself, just buy a small jug of milk.  Read more

How to reheat pizza | @thefauxmartha

I never knew of the great art of reheating pizza to perfection until the other day. We first used the Food52 method of crisping up the crust in a hot cast iron pan, then adding a bit of water and covering to steam for a minute or two. Then, we took it a step further and finished it off under the broiler. For the love.

Giftry + The Fauxmartha

You may remember me talking about Giftry a couple months ago. In case you forgot, here’s a quick recap. Your mom asks for a Christmas list. You send her an email with a bunch of long blue links, sizes, and notes. It’s awful to look at and inevitably gets lost in her inbox. Your mother-in-law asks for the same list, the one you’ve also lost. Insert Giftry. It’s like Pinterest for gift giving/list making. Make lists for yourself, your family, and friends. Collaborate and share, making the gift giving process easier and prettier. It’s a no brainer. Speaking of, Giftry is giving away up to $1000 (!) in gifts of your choice. Entry details below. Read more

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