Giftry + The Fauxmartha

When you find something that works, and works really well, it must be shared. With that said, it’s a double tip week. Stick with me, I’ve got some explaining to do. I’ve confessed it here before. I’m a terrible gift giver. Awful, really. Maybe the worst. Thinking of gifts (good ones worth buying and giving) is absolutely debilitating for me. I freeze up and forget every idea I never had for the person. Then I declare, “No gifts this year!” Eventually I order something lame online and keep eye contact to a minimum until the awkwardness has passed. I’m not kidding when I say this—gift giving is a real problem for me.

And then one day all of a sudden, it was like the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and the heavens began chanting, join Giftry, join Giftry, join Giftry. And so, I joined Giftry. I’ll never be the same again, and neither will you.

What is Giftry?

It’s a social gifting site that allows you to collaborate and come up with sweet gifts for your friends and family. Think Pinterest for gift giving. It’s genius. Here’s how it works: you create a board, or rather a Giftry, for a given person. Then you add ideas to the Giftry from any website, much like you’d add pins to your board. Next, collaborate. Invite friends and family to weigh in, comment, and offer new ideas. More heads are better than one. I always rope my brother and sister into giving group gifts since I know they’ll come up with far better ideas than I will. We’re going Giftry from this point forward. Amen. Wait, it gets better. Let’s say I created a Giftry for my dad. I added ideas, collaborated with my mom, brother, and sister, but we’re still not sold on our gift. Now we can send it anonymously to my dad to get his feedback. Gone are the awkward, no eye contact days of gift giving. Can you hear the heavens singing? I can. And for those times you’re family asks what you want for Christmas and you respond, “No gifts this year!” but they get you something anyway that you’ll inevitably have to return, Giftry’s got you covered there too. It’s ok to make yourself a Giftry.

Ready to get started?

1. Join Giftry.
2. Watch this video for the complete low down or go ahead and just create your first Giftry.
3. Get inspired by all these lovely people. Somehow I’m among them.
4. Now get to gifting without all the grey hairs! I’ve got you covered if you’re looking for gifts for the baker, the host, or the coffee connoisseur.

Now it’s my turn to give a gift.

If you hang with me on Facebook, you may have seen the background I designed for my new(!) iPhone yesterday. In case you have a new iPhone too and love cookies and butter and flour like me, I thought you might like this. It’s my new mantra. Save the image to your iPhone6 and set as wallpaper. Download in pinkblue, or green too. Happy gifting friends!



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