iced maple cardamom latte from the faux martha

Every post lately feels like the how-to paragraph I first learned to write in 2nd grade: how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or as Hal calls it: a peanut butter jelly and sandwich). First this, then that, next, finally. It’s a mirror to our regimented, first-this-then-that days right now, where every single hour is accounted for. Can you hear it? The 11 am chimes of the pumps are humming now, Hal’s singing the same ole “is it lunchtime yet?” chorus, and Linnie’s legs are bouncing to the beat of it all.

Rok Espresso Maker from The Faux Martha

Pandemic or no pandemic, we’re on house arrest, shackled by baby naps and feedings and pumpings (long story, I’m exclusively pumping for now). I learned fast slow with Hal, that I needed to schedule something into the overbooked days for myself, something to look forward to. Because despite being a homebody who loves rhythmic days, these days have a way of making me a little nutty. So after lunchtime and nap time and bottle time for Linnie, just before TV time for Hal, is coffee shop time for mom. 

Espresso crema from the faux martha

This summer I’ve been making Iced Maple Cardamom Lattes (‘Mom Lattes for short). The idea for this simple drink was inspired by my favorite latte from a little town called Lusten, at a coffee shop named Fika, on our trek up North to the cabin. Fika translates to coffee break, which is an understood, universal, planned daily break in Sweden. Maybe you don’t need a baby or a pandemic or anything else to take good, simple care of yourself every day. Twist my finger and pull a shot of espresso: it’s coffee break time.

This is one of those no recipes, recipes, where all you need is a dash, a splash, a glug, a handful, a pinch, and a shot—of milk, ice, cardamom, maple syrup, salt, and espresso. Let your tastebuds guide you on the specifics. 


iced maple cardamom latte from the faux martha

Either way, take a break. You don’t deserve it; you need it. 

PS—If you’ve been around since the first installment of coffee shop time during Hal’s baby days, you may also remember the Salted Nutella Latte, Maple Pumpkin Latte, and Peppermint Mocha.

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iced maple cardamom latte from the faux martha

Iced Maple Cardamom Latte

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  • Total Time: 5 min.
  • Yield: 1 drink 1x


A simple recipe for Iced Maple Cardamom Latte (‘Mom Latte for short), sweetened with maple syrup and spiced with cardamom.


  • 2 oz. espresso
  • 12 tsp. maple syrup
  • a couple dashes of cardamom (less than 1/16 tsp.)
  • pinch of salt (optional)
  • 1/2 c. milk


  1. Pull a shot of espresso. (This is my favorite manual espresso machine.) Into a glass or stainless steel mug, add the maple syrup, cardamom, and salt. Stir together with the espresso.
  2. Pour in the milk and top with plenty of ice and another dash of cardamom. Taste and adjust sweetness as desired. It’s coffee shop time.
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