2019 Gift Guide for the cook

I haven’t done a gift guide in a couple years. But this year I have a couple ideas for you—from the cook to the fella to the tiny human to the stocking and the minimalist, aka the person who would prefer little to no physical gifts (it’s me!). A couple notes for the 2019 Gift Guide. I’ve included asterisks* next to items we own and love. I’ve also included notes on where to buy locally for my Twin Cities friends. If you’d prefer to buy used, search for these items on eBay. I bought Kev’s used present there this year. (I hope you’re not reading this, Kev.) And, if you want to read my tangled up thoughts on gifting and minimalism, check out this post. Here’s to figuring out how to wade through this holiday season—preserving the best things and revising the rest.

Gift Guide for the Cook

SMEG Juicer | Enamel Loaf Tin* | Enamel Colander/Bowl  (Purchase locally at The Foundry Home Goods)Butter Bell | Honey Pot* | Dinner Bell | Emerald Dutch Oven* | Matte Black Kettle (Purchase locally at Show and Tell MPLS)The Huckle & Goose Cookbook(Purchase locally at Moon Palace Books or Mager’s and Quinn)


2019 Gift Guide for the Fella

Gift Guide for the Fella

Courier Briefcase | Bluetooth Mini Radio* | Slip-on Slippers* | Hand Salve | Eau de Parfum Sampler* | Natural Hair Paste* (Purchased locally at Ace General Store)4-Season Fireproof Gloves* | Indoor Target* | Personal Fireplace (Purchased locally at Ace General Store)


2019 Gift Guide for kids

Gift Guide for the Tiny Human

Bravery Magazine Subscription* | Sofia Valdez, Future Prez* (Purchase locally at Moon Palace BooksMiaWild Rumpus, or Red Ballon) | Lincoln Logs | Wheely Animal (Purchase locally at Pacifier Kids)Chunkies Paint Sticks* (Purchase locally at Moon Palace Books or Mia)Weather Station* (Purchase locally at Mia or Kinoko Kids)Map Puzzle of the U.S.* (Purchase locally at Mia or Kinoko Kids)| Pioneer Car + Canoe (Purchase locally at Pacifier Kids or Kinoko Kids)


2019 Gift Guide for the stocking

Gift Guide for the Stocking

Natural Face Cream(Available at your local Target) | Balsam Fir Soy Candle (Purchase locally at Rose and Loon) | Natural Lip Balm(Purchase locally at Rose and Loon) | Listful Living(Purchase locally at Moon Palace Books or Mager’s and Quinn) | Collapsable Shopping Bag(Purchase locally at Flotsam + Fork) | Hibiscus Clay Mask* | Almond Butter Cups(Available at your local Whole Foods or some Targets) | Dry Face Brush(Purchase locally at Flotsam + Fork or The Foundry Home Goods)Wooden Reusable Dish Brush(Purchase locally at Flotsam + Fork or The Foundry Home Goods ) | Long Cooking Spoon


2019 Gift Guide for the minimalist

Gift Guide for the Stocking

Linen Bath TowelSimple Happy Parenting(Purchase locally at Moon Palace Books or Mager’s and Quinn) | Set of Linen Napkins | On-the-go Small Shoulder Bag*

Other ideas for the minimalist:

  • Gift Digital artwork that can be printed and framed at the desired size from here (my shop), here, or here.
  • Gift a cleaning service, from a carwash to a home cleaning. (See here for local cleaning companies.)
  • Add money to a college savings account or vacation savings account.
  • Send a gift card to a favorite dinner spot or donut shop.
  • Donate to a favorite non-profit on behalf of them.
  • Buy or renew a subscription or membership to the zoo or the theater.
  • Gift a nice bottle of wine and hang this DIY ornament on it.

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