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Do you notice anything different? The site got a haircut. It was long overdue. But as haircuts seem to go, you may not notice much of a difference. Humor me as I walk you through my new layers. I’m a little excited.

Post Categories

Weekly I post a Recipe and a Tip of the Week. Duh, you know that. Into that mix, I’ll start posting to the categories of Fauxtograghy and Fauxmama. (I’m still working out the frequency of posting to these categories. I have high hopes and big dreams and a little girl who thinks daytime naps are for dummies.) Above each post is a fancy little header to let you know what you’re reading. I recognize all of these categories may not be of great interest to you, so hopefully this will queue you in to your favorite types of post.

Fauxtography posts will kinda be like the Tip of the Week for the camera. But let me warn you, I’m a fauxtographer, not a professional photographer. Want a sneak preview of what these posts will be like? Check out this post from back in the day.

Fauxmama posts will kinda be like a recipe for mamas from a fauxmama. I really have no clue what being a mom is all about. But I do know finding the best carseat or a onesie that doesn’t end in a scream sesh is like searching for the best vanilla cake recipe. Hard work but worth the search (and worth sharing).

If there’s anything you’re dying to know about fauxtography or fauxmommyhood, drop me an email. I’m compiling post ideas as we speak.


Prior to this update, the search was a bit like a box of chocolates. You never knew what you were gonna get. Now as you type in the search bar, relevant results come up right away without taking you to a new page. Now I can stop using google to search for my recipes.


Last but not least, there’s a Pinterest hover over each image making it easier to save and pin posts.

I owe a huge thank you to Erin for making this happen. Before the babe came, I lost my gusto for blogging. I have a long tangential post sitting in my drafts folder listing out all the reasons I fell out of love. But it was long and tangential and for another day, if at all. Erin and I had a long talk where I expressed some of these concerns. She encouraged me to take a step back and redesign my space. In that process, I fell back in love and found a renewed vision. I applied the same process we use for a redesign at Wooden Spoons Kitchen. And what do you know, it works, just like I ensure our clients. Enough haircut, redesign talk. Enjoy the site. Don’t hesitate to send post ideas my way. In the meantime, save some acorn squash. I have a recipe coming your way.

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