Oh, hi. It’s me again. We’ve been getting a 9-hour stretch of sleep outta this baby for the last week (!!), something we didn’t get outta Hal until she was over a year. Things are starting to feel normal again. You know, new normal. With that, I’m wading my way back online. Though it shouldn’t go without mentioning, using the word normal about life feels strange right now, like it’s a word worth holding back on. Nothing is normal outside the walls of our house, neighborhood, and country between the centuries-long lack of basic human rights extended towards our Black neighbors and the months-long pandemic. If anything, a new normal, a more equitable normal, is in order here, too. It’s a heavy time to be dipping my toes back into this space. I’m not quite sure how to do it all and do it all well, but here I am, tripping along. Oh, hi.

I’m certain we were just hanging the wallpaper in the guest room and calling it done. I guess we were. Now our guest-friendly room has been taken over by a tiny, wiggly human, shades of sage greens and pale pinks, a new striped wallpaper, and a cozy Craigslist rocking chair. “Where will we stay when we visit?” my mother-in-law asked when we told her we were pregnant. We still haven’t figured that one out yet. But, over the last couple of months, we have figured out a sweet space for Linnie to rest her 90th% percentile head and play and spit up and play. I think she likes it.

Here’s the mood board that started it all. Her room is almost ready to share with sources included. In the meantime, I’m over on the Solly Baby Blog sharing more about the inspiration for Linnie’s room design, 5 tips for designing a cohesive nursery, plus a sneak peek of her finished room. Be back real soon with her room reveal. Quick, someone find a hunk of wood and knock on it for me. Add one more knock for tonight’s sleep, would you? Soon is a word worth holding back on, too. I’m having trouble keeping my word on any sort of timeline these days since becoming a full-time stay-at-home-mom (since camp and daycare are canceled) and a fit-it-in-when-you-can working mom.

See Linden’s finished room >
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