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There might have been a time or two when you’ve wondered why I call myself the faux. Well, wonder no longer. Here’s an faux idea! We’re setting a Kid-Friendly Compostable Table for the holidays this year. Some may call it a major faux pas. I’m not even embarrassed about it. The idea came to me while at Ikea. A craft paper holder filled with a roll of paper was sitting on top of a dining table. I wanted to run home immediately (see video for visual reference) and affix it to the underneath side of our table. I’d cover the table in a new roll of paper every day. Kind of like the exam table at the doctor’s office. Gross, Melissa. Hallie would color and spill all over it. And I’d be happy about it.

I nixed the permanence of the roll. It’ll fit in our buffet just fine, and we won’t lose knee-space at the table. However, we’ll still be covering our table in craft paper and using compostable plates and silverware come Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Because we have a tiny toddler, and I want her to enjoy it as much as the rest of us. Do I even need to mention how great clean-up will be two days out of the year?! 


Get that compostable holiday glam look!

Compostable Speckled utensils: They almost look gold if you squint.

Compostable White Dinner Plates: You can always count on dinner to look appetizing on a white plate.

Compostable Scalloped Napkins: For a touch of glam, go scalloped. Or opt for washable cloth napkins.

Compostable Starry Cups: Sparkly stars are keeping things special.

Of course, we’ll decorate the table too. Aside from the crayon hieroglyphics, we’ll line the table with eucalyptus. I love eucalyptus because it acts as a neutral, and it feels so wintery. It keeps a low, organic profile on the table, too. At $5 a bushel from Trader Joe’s, it’s quite affordable. With a mist of water here and there, it should last you at least a month. (You can see it in action in this post.) Dress it up with seasonal produce like cabbage or persimmons or pomegranates. Pick your palette. Or should I say palate? When the meal is done, you can eat the centerpiece embellishments too.

Now onto important things, the meal. We’ll be cooking from this list. And if I can convince Kev of it, I may just affix that craft paper holder to the wall like so to display our menu.

Cheers to a kid-friendly compostable table setting on the cheap, easy, and pretty! Be honest. Would you ever serve a holiday meal on paper?

Holiday Dinner Menu from Scratch | @thefauxmartha

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