Last week when I launched my new site, I couldn’t tell you the full story. Like who did the backend of my site, because goodness knows I didn’t do it. Well, the secret is out. I’ve been in cahoots with another food blogger. You probably know her—Erin of Naturally Ella. She is brilliant, incredibly patient, and does beautiful work. She made my site come to life. I’m happy to announce that we are going into business together! I’d like to introduce you to Wooden Spoons Kitchen. We create logos, define brands, and design websites for bloggers and small businesses. We even offer hosting. I’ll let you read all about it on our new site.

A while back I posted 9 lessons I learned from Alt. One of them had something to do with finding what you love and not stopping until you do. I’ve always had this deep tug to make my work meaningful. I want to do something that excites me to wake up in the morning. And something I’m happy to talk about with others. Something that give me energy rather than taking away. Friends, I think I’ve found it. And it’s a great privilege to share it with you.

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