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There might have been a time or two when you’ve wondered why I call myself the faux. Well, wonder no longer. Here’s an idea! We’re setting a disposable table for the holidays this year. Some may call it a major faux pas. I’m not even embarrassed about it. The idea came to me while at Ikea. A craft paper holder filled with a roll of paper was sitting on top of a dining table. I wanted to run home immediately (see video for visual reference) and affix it to the underneath side of our table. I’d cover the table in a new roll of paper everyday. Kind of like the exam table at the doctors office. Hallie would color and spill all over it. And I’d be happy about it. I nixed the permanence of the roll. It’ll fit in our buffet just fine, and we wont lose knee-space at the table. However, we’ll still be covering our table in craft paper and using disposable plates and silverware come Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Because we have a tiny toddler and I want her to enjoy it as much as the rest of us. Do I even need to mention how great clean-up will be two days out of the year?! 


Get the look!

Gold Disposable Utensils: Classy. Kind of.

Biodegradable White Dinner Plates: You can always count on dinner to look appetizing on a white plate. These are compostable too!

Buffalo Cloth Napkins: Buffalo is the new black. I’d wallpaper my house in it if Kev would let me. Here’s a similar paper napkin option.

Disposable Scalloped Cups: If you’re going to use paper, it might as well be gold.

Disposable Holiday Table Setting | @thefauxmartha

Of course we’ll decorate the table too. Aside from the crayon hieroglyphics, we’ll line the table with eucalyptus. I love eucalyptus because it acts as a neutral, and it feel so wintery. It keeps a low, organic profile on the table. It’s inexpensive too at $5 a bushel from Trader Joe’s. With a mist of water here and there, it should last you at least a month. (You can see it in action in this post.) Dress it up with seasonal produce like cabbage or persimmons or pomegranates. Pick your palette. Or should I say palate? When the meal is done, you can eat the centerpiece embellishments too.

Now onto important things, the meal. We’ll be cooking from this list. And if I can can convince Kev of it, I may just affix that craft paper holder to the wall like so to display our menu.

Cheers to a kid-friendly disposable table setting on the cheap, easy, and pretty! Be honest. Would you ever serve a holiday meal on paper?

Holiday Dinner Menu from Scratch | @thefauxmartha

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