We made our first trek to NYC this weekend. It was glorious. But it started with an alarm at 5:45 am. A walk to the train in the pouring rain. And a two hour train ride. Wishful thinking—I thought we lived closer to the city. Read more

Bread made from entirely whole wheat flour can be somewhat low-rising. It seems that this is what people expect when they use all whole wheat. BUT it doesn’t have to be this way. The secret of getting the dough to rise higher is to use a teaspoon each of vital wheat gluten and powdered soy lecithin per loaf. Together these things act as a dough enhancer, and the bread rises beautifully.
—Bev Haynes, Kinston, North Carolina

carrot cake from the faux martha

I’m a dreamer. As I child, I dreamt I would play in the World Cup, like Mia Hamm. As a teenager, I dreamt I would drive around in a brand new VW Bug, with a fresh flower occupying its interior vase. As an adult, I dreamt I would be a baker. A baker who made a really good carrot cake. Read more

One Banana Banana Bread from The Faux Martha

One Banana Banana Bread. I’m eating a sliver right now. It’s only appropriate, ya know? Let me tell you, the crumb topping is a nice little surprise on the taste buds. Read more

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