Ditch your chemical cleaning products and pick up a handle of cheap vodka at your corner liquor store. Put it in a spray bottle diluted with a little water and go to town on anything (except for wood) in your kitchen. Vodka is naturally antibacterial and non-toxic. Caked on grime on the stove? Vodka. Scratches all over the sink? Vodka. Hot pepper oil on your hands? Vodka. It burns through everything safely. It works a lot like vinegar except it has no scent. Yay! No more chemicals in the kitchen!

—Kelsey, Happyolks

One of my favorite people in this world is my sister. Based on our childhood, though, you would never have guessed that we’d grow up to like each other. I was the older leave-me-alone sister. Don’t play with my toys. Get out of my room. She had a habit of cutting the hair off of all her dolls so I had good reason to keep my doors shut and my pristine dolls safe. I wont even mention the time she stabbed me in the foot with a sharpened Little Mermaid pencil. Or the time I let her get in trouble (big trouble) for something I did.  No, I wont mention those times. Read more

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