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I’m an Instagram junkie. If I’m being honest, I love it more than blogging. It’s quick—like a text message rather than an email. I can text with the best of them. But email? I’m not even going to tell you how many unread messages I have. It’s an embarrassing 4 digit number. Forget I ever mentioned that. Over the past couple months, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I take and edit my photos for Instagram. I’m honored you’d even want to know. It’s nothing fancy. Promise. I’ve compiled the questions and shared all the juicy details. As always, no secrets allowed here. Read more

This post is for anyone that swore they’d never pick up a camera. Because I swore. And for anyone that breaks out in a hot sweat when they have to pick up a camera. Because I sweat and I still sweat. If I can do it… you know how it goes.

Let’s get this started. Hi, my name is Melissa, and I’m a fauxtographer. [Hiiii Melissa.] And I don’t use the word fauxtographer loosely. I’m not trained. But somehow I have acquired a blog, a camera, and lots of food begging to be in the spotlight. I’ve learned a couple things along the way. Just a couple. The most important—light is either your friend or your enemy, you don’t need a fancy set-up to get started, and photography always has a way of keeping you humble. Always. Read more

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