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We’ve been talking a lot about traditions lately—traditions we want to start in our family. Up until now, the conversation never crossed our mind. Apart from decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving, we don’t have many. Usually we head home for Christmas (either my house or his) and pick up the traditions we left off with there. They’re ours but not oursRead more

Honey Orange Butter Wheat Rolls | The Fauxmartha

Easter is coming. Another big meal around the dinner table with friends and family.

Honey Orange Butter Wheat Rolls | The Fauxmartha

Chaos will ensue in the kitchen. There will be no time for homemade rolls. At least that’s what Mom says. Read more

Our first married Thanksgiving Kev sat down to the dinner table in disbelief.

I was oblivious. And proud. A brined turkey, homemade stuffing with cranberry walnut bread, cranberry orange sauce, sautéed snap peas, and a chocolate pound cake.  Read more

You might remember Christmas in a Bowl. Layers of homemade brownies, white chocolate peppermint mousse, and dark chocolate pudding. It’s decadent, rich, and a must-have this time of year. But I’ve decided to extend the Christmas in a Bowl family. At 12:25 early yesterday afternoon, Christmas in a Cookie was born. The labor was quick. Much faster than Christmas in a Bowl. She’s tiny but packs a festive punch. Read more

I’ve recently started decorating the house with cranberries. I have bags full in the fridge after working on a fun project for A Subtle Revelry. Have you seen her holiday magazine yet? I think it’s my favorite so far. Full of inspiration and bright white images—it’s a wonderland. I photographed and styled the cranberry feature—these sparkling tart yet sweet little gems included. I have bowls of them all over the apartment. Edible decorations. They have to be better than my normal mint m & m’s this time of year. Right? Head over to A Subtle Revelry to find more cranberry and holiday ideas. One more thing, do you know what to do with persimmons? I have 3 in my fridge. Help. Read more

This time of year passes much too fast.
Still trying to figure out how to make it last.
All these late nights seemed like a good idea—
Baking and listening to Christmas songs like Ave Maria.
The scrawny tree, it twinkles, brightly in the background,
With our goofy faces cast on every jewel-toned ornament around.
Packing, wrapping, cleaning—that’s what we should be doing.
Instead we’re in the kitchen inhaling Christmas in a Bowl, forget chewing.
Tomorrow morning early, we should be on the road.
If it’s anytime before 6:30, honey, please call a code.
Ok, fine. I’ll be serious for a quick second.
This has been a wonderful year, I reckon.
Only one semester left of grad school for the husband.
Match Day, February 24th, will tell us where we’re summoned.
I’m a tiny bit excited with a touch of bittersweet.
To watch our future unfold—I consider it a treat.
I forgot to mention one little thing…
Me and rhyming is like my tone deaf neighbor trying to sing.
Now you probably think this poem is super trite.
But what I really meant to say was—

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 

Icebox cookies are some of my faves this time of year. There’s no two ways about it figuratively speaking. But literally speaking, there’s two ways about it. Dueling ways. Cranberry Orange vs. Rosemary Orange ways. Read more

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