BBQ Ranch Southwest Salad with Sweet Potato Crouton Tots from The Fauxmartha

I have two favorite games in the kitchen. The first one: Dishwasher Tetris. He doesn’t realize we’re competing, but I always beat him. I can rearrange that appliance to fit every last dirty dish, even dishes Kev swears will never fit. And the second game: Fridge Foraging. (It’s important to note, these might be the only two games in life that I have the upper hand on Kev.) Read more

Simple Thanksgiving Turkey recipe from The Fauxmartha

In a few short days, this large bird will be the centerpiece on so many tables across America. And yet, very few of us feel confident in our turkey cooking skills. For good reason. We typically only cook a whole bird 1-2 times a year (which is not easy in the first place), with a good 11 months in between each attempt. It’s hard to feel confident in something you don’t make often. For the past 9 years, I’ve been making the same recipe. After 9 attempts, I’m ready to hurl my method into the internet—everything from the recipe to the tools.  Read more

Potatoes Au Gratin from The Fauxmartha

Sometimes (most times), I’m cooking so fast, I don’t realize what I’m doing—that I just made a roux, which turned into a béchamel, which turned into a proper cheese sauce—until I do something wrong. Then I notice. You know those workouts where they tell you to do the move in slow motion so you can feel every muscle contract? That’s how we’re going to make these Potatoes Au Gratin today, slow enough to feel the roux, the béchamel, and the cheese sauce.  Read more

You’re not supposed to cook with Moscato. I learned that for the first time after submitting my book recipes for testing. (There’s a reason I call myself The Faux.) In the recipe notes they sent back, they mentioned their hesitancy to add Moscato to the soup, but that they were very pleased with the results. They even called it lovely. Read more

Sub Zero Wolf trip from The Fauxmartha

In one of my college design classes, the professor said, “Do it so well, they don’t even notice.” As designers, he was telling us to get out of the way. He was telling us to design it so well, that the end user didn’t even consider a designer had touched it. “Don’t make them pause,” he said.  Read more

Pantry pizza sauce made with tomato paste from The Fauxmartha

The 3-part pizza mini series continues today with Part 3: The Sauce. Catch up on Part 1: The Gear and Part 2: The Dough. During one of our earlier dough-offs to find the best dough recipe, we unintentionally had a pizza sauce throw down. I made my old trusty tomato paste sauce while Kev made a more traditional Neapolitan sauce using crushed tomatoes. I didn’t lose this throw down, but I didn’t win either. At the end of the dinner, the dough critique turned into a conversation about the sauce. It was unanimous—we all liked aspects from each of the recipes. Read more

The Fauxmartha Wood Fired Pizza Dough recipe

The 3-part pizza mini series continues today with Part 2: The Dough. Catch up on Part 1: The Gear and Part 3: The Sauce. I wrote a post over a year ago about how to make really good homemade pizza. That recipe carried us through years of pizza making. I thought we’d use it in our outdoor oven too. But in true fashion, Kev and I had differing ideas about our pizza. He wanted something closer to a traditional Neapolitan crust, while I wanted something a bit more non-traditional. So we had a dough-off. Under the high heat (around 800°F), my trusty dough didn’t handle the same. I lost. Read more

Minnesota hospitality looks like your friends, Lindsay and Bjork, planning an introductory weekend Up North with you. It looks like log cabins, green canoes strapped to cars, evergreen-lined highways, miles and miles of lake shore, and one serving left in a casserole dish (that no one dare touch). Read more