Last month I made this decadent chocolate chip cake. And topped it with a hand drawn sign. I had every intention of making it available to you, but in the flurry of serving and eating the cake, the sign disappeared. Probably selling for big bucks on e-Bay. Ha!

Ask and you shall receive. A reader asked for the sign this week so I decided to go digging around for my original template. Found—under a stack of unread Real Simple magazines. (Don’t worry, I will read these cover to cover.) So, I did a little scanning and editing and viola! A downloable PDF just for you!

Now—there’s two options, original and blank. Let’s be honest, you can’t say congrats for every occassion. Or maybe you can? Incase you can’t, I’ve given you a blank one so you can write whatever your heart desires!

1. Make a chocolate chip cake, or another one of your choosing. More cake recipes here.
2. Pick out some pretty scrap booking paper. It needs to be able to run through your printer and light enough in color so you can see the ink when you print.
3. Download the cake banner template.
4. Print the template on your pretty paper.
5. If you have crayons lying around the house, pick one color and do a little shading within the letters.
6. Trim out leaving the edges visible. (We’re going shabby chic here.)
7. Adhere banner to skewers or something similar. I was fresh out of skewers, so I glued two lollipop sticks together.
8. Place in your cake and celebrate!

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