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It’s annual Gift Guide time. In true fashion, it’s last minute and preceeded by a post professing my Grinchy-ness about the over abundance of this holiday. It usually takes making these gift guides for me to get in the spirit of giving thoughtfully and minimally. This year, we have gift guides for the person who works from home, the coffee lover, the dinner maker, and the threenager. I’ve placed an asterik* next to all the things we own. (They’re tested and loved!) For more ideas, check out years past: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and Edible Gifts (add Homemade Nutella and Molly’s Chocolate Halva Spread to the list too). 

Work From Home Gift Guide | @thefauxmartha

Work from Home Gift Guide

I work from home and have come to love a couple good things—a good chair, a bag that works as a purse and expands at the grocery store, a planner I can write in, a wrap that keeps me warm but looks just as pretty as a throw, and, of course, a good pair of heels slippers.

Leather Desk Chair* | Gold Scissors* | Wrap/Throw* | Marble Coasters* | Striped Slippers* | Yellow Pens | Striped Canvas Bag* | Weekly Planner

Coffee Lover Gift Guide | @thefauxmartha

The Coffee Lover Gift Guide

I’ve switched from a Chemex to an Aeropress this year after getting one for my birthday. I’m 100% sold. We traveled a lot this summer, and my aeropress and beans came with me. I’m biting my nails excited for the travel sized burr coffee grinder coming out next year (pictured). I backed the product when it was on Kickstarter. It’s a bit of a risk to purchase, but it’s made by GIR, who makes products I love and own.

Aeropress* | Copper Kettle* | Voltaire Grinder* (currently in production) | Enamel Mugs* | Kickapoo Coffee* | Enamel Canister | Brass Spoon Clip

The Dinner Maker Gift Guide | @thefauxmartha

The Dinner Maker Gift Guide

As you know, I’m the dinner maker around here. These are a few of my favorite and most used things. The salt cellar is actually a chutney bowl, making it large enough to hold a substatial amount of salt. I refilled my old one what felt like one every other day. I use a butter warmer pot on the daily, most times just to reheat leftovers. And I’m hoping Kev notices the dinner bell. I really want one.

KitchenAid Mini* | Dinner Bell | Grey Enamel Bake Set* | Salt Cellar* | Butter Warmer* | Walnut Salt & Pepper Mills | Linen Kitchen Towel* | Marble Butter Bell* | Apron*

The Threenager Gift Guide | @thefauxmartha

The Threenager Gift Guide

To the preschooler who thinks they’re 13, this is for you. Several of these items are coming to Hal Christmas day, like those plastic knives, the wooden doctors kit, a pair of mocs, and the game. About that game, it’s made by Peaceable Kingdom, a gaming company that creates coopertive games. Everyone wins and looses together. They’re perfect for the irrational younger crowd.

Doctors Kit* | Minnetonka Mocs* | Feed the Woozle Game* |Wild Wings Dress Up | Shopping Cart | Plastic Kid Knives* | Fridge Play Food

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