Hi. I’m the Fauxmartha.

But first I’m Melissa. You can call me Mel. Most days I’m a dreamer and a designer. A baker and a cook. A purist and a wife. A runner and a knitter. An Instagrammer and a fauxtographer. I like to make things from scratch and play with my food. I like my hands covered in flour and butter and my hair in a messy bun. I like to share. About life. About recipes. And about tips around the kitchen. I like simplicity. And white space. And tried and true recipes. I like polka dots and pops of color and pointy-toed shoes. I like unbleached flour and freshly ground sea salt. And maybe most of all—I like you. Thanks for hanging out with me every week.

I made this for you.


Where did your name come from?
In high school my friends called me Betty Crocker for my baking ways. By college that morphed into Martha, after Martha Stewart for my crafty ways (I’m a graphic designer. It comes with the territory). In November of 2008, when I started this blog, The Fauxmartha seemed like a good name. I was newly married and testing out my domestic skills in the kitchen and around the house. The main focus quickly became the food. Now, I blog about tried and true recipes, made from scratch. By the way, my grandma still calls me Martha.

What kind of camera do you shoot with?
I shoot with a Canon Rebel T1i body and a Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8 lens. I’m self taught and still learning as I go. My big white Ikea desk is the same desk I blog, design, and shoot my photography on. For my fauxtography tips, head over here.

You’re a designer by day?
Yep and I love it! I’ve worked at several different firms over the past five years, gleaning as much knowledge and skill as possible. As of October 2012, I made the switch to working for myself and opened Wooden Spoons Kitchen with my friend Erin. We define brands, design blogs, and develop websites. Of course, we went with a food inspired name. We love food just as much as good design.

Do you take on sponsored posts and giveaways?
Yes. But only if it’s the best possible fit. Please contact me for rates.


Blogging is my hobby and one of my favorite pastimes. But buying ingredients and cooking up storm can get expensive. (Side note: we eat everything I make, so nothing goes to waste unless it’s absolutely awful, which means you wont see it on here.) So you’ll see some advertising in the sidebar as well as some Amazon affiliate links within posts. From time to time, you may see some sponsored posts, which will be clearly noted within the post. But you have my word, I only talk about products I actually use, which I tend to do naturally, compensation or not.

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