Hi. I’m the Fauxmartha.

But first I’m Melissa. You can call me Mel or Faux as my husband now so affectionately calls me. I’m a home cook and baker, wife, mama, minimalist, and designer. Back in the day, I went against everything I learned in marketing class and named my blog after an existing brand—Martha Stewart. My grandma called me Martha in high school and college for my many domestic interests. The name seemed fitting. I bought the URL, and now we’re married for better or worse.

I started this space to document life after moving away from my Texas family. It quickly turned into a food blog. I’d spend hours on the weekend in my tiny Chicago kitchen, as the wife of an always studying husband in graduate school, cooking my heart out, learning to cook. Four years in Chicago, two in Connecticut, and now we live in Minneapolis indefinitely, a city I’ve fallen madly in love with. We’re in the process of figuring out how to decorate The Fauxhouse, our modern, city farmhouse.

About the food—these are the recipes that dress our table week in and week out. During the week we make quick minimal dinners, mostly vegetarian. But when a craving for hamburgers or chicken fajitas hit, we jump on it. By weekend we bake the slow and classic way. I’m a purist at heart. Butter, cream, milk, eggs, and flour (especially wheat) all have a place in my kitchen. I prefer a handful of tried and true recipes that I can change up from season to season, which is what you’ll find here. Aside from my deep love of food itself, I love the stories they tell. Naturally, our lives are patterned around mealtimes. Where life stops and dinner starts is a bit blurry.

Thank you for your presence here. I hope you come hungry and leave full.

I made this for you.


What kind of camera do you shoot with?
I shoot with a Canon Rebel T1i body and a Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8 lens. I’m self taught and still learning as I go. My big white Ikea desk is the same desk I blog, design, and shoot my photography on. For my fauxtography tips, head over here.

Do you take on sponsored posts and giveaways?
Yes. But only if it’s natural fit. Please contact me for rates.


Blogging is my hobby and one of my favorite pastimes. But buying ingredients and cooking up storm can get expensive. (Side note: we eat everything I make, so nothing goes to waste unless it’s absolutely awful, which means you wont see it on here.) You’ll see some advertising in the sidebar as well as some Amazon affiliate links within posts. From time to time, you may see some sponsored posts, which will be clearly noted within the post. But you have my word, I only talk about products I actually use, which I tend to do naturally, compensation or not.

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