Blender Dutch Baby | @thefauxmartha

“Dutch baby”. It’s kind of  a silly name for a breakfast item (which may be why it’s also known as a German Pancake). Yet, somewhere wedged in between the American pancake and the French crêpe sits this delicious Dutch breakfast delicacy. We consider the Dutch baby our second favorite baby, after Hallie of course (who is not Dutch in any way). And almost every Sunday morning when I have time to make breakfast, Hallie’s first request will be “Dutch Baby”. The blender Dutch baby takes some time and patience to perfect, but it’s really quite simple and quick to make once you get the hang of it.  Read more

Creamy Strawberry Banana Copycat Angel Food Smoothie King Recipe | The Fauxmartha

I’ve always been a big fan of smoothies. So much so that in high school I worked at a local Smoothie King shop. I’ve tried (and made) all kinds of smoothie recipes from my time there, but my favorite smoothie was their Angel Food Smoothie, featuring banana, strawberries, turbinado sugar, and the perfect ratio of nonfat milk to add a little creaminess. It’s not to love a creamy strawberry banana smoothie. Read more

For my entire married life—4 years and counting—we’ve been eating Jack’s Garden Fresh Salsa. Purchased from Costco. It’s one of the main reasons this two person household has a membership. That and rolled oats. And then we moved to Connecticut. No Jack here. Read more

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