I’m slowly getting back into work mode after an inspiring couple days in NYC. Filled with a lovely gathering hosted by Blog Brunch. A full day of Alt Summit conferencing. And a last minute breakfast with two of my favorite food bloggers—Apt. 2B Baking Co. and La Buena Vida. In case you’re wondering, I ended up ditching the dress for cropped pants and a ruffly top. Chunky necklace and pointy toed shoes made the cut. But at the end of the day, I forgot about appearances (as noted in the mirror much later that night) and let the time take its course. I learned a couple lessons along the way too.

1. “Find likeminded people. Make sure they’re respectful and a good bunch.” —SwissMiss

There I was. Sitting in a room with likeminded, crazy people bloggers. Following their dream, whatever that even means. Listening to the brilliant and very inspiring Tina of SwissMiss bestowing her rules to live by. My favorite rule—Don’t be a complainer. Instead make things better.


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I’m standing in a fog. The windows are translucent. I can’t see my next step. Although I know it’s infront of me based on experience. But if I quit moving forward, I’ll soon be paralyzed. With muscles atrophied from lack of use.

Fear. Decisions. Change. Deadlines. They can do that to you. Make you stop dead in your tracks. Whisper little lies of inadequacy. They’re like speed bumps. In the fog. Reminding you that the road is rough. And it’s far from perfect. Read more

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