The Fauxhouse | @thefauxmartha

I’ve been alluding to it for awhile now. Talking about it like it’s not consuming every square inch of our brain (the little we have left after becoming parents). We’re building a house. I’ve just started calling it our home. A house is an object made from lots of materials. A home is a place where life is lived. We’re building a home. To get this experience, we feel extremely lucky, but it comes with exhaustion too. It’s rare that a day passes without me saying, “I’m never making another decision again.” I’m being overly dramatic, but we’ve made a lot of decisions in the last couple weeks. And no decision is made without a mood board over here. I wish you could see my desktop (actually I’m glad you can’t). I have 10,000 thumbnails of screenshots from revised boards. It’s silly and excessive, but we’re dreaming up a home that we plan to spend a lifetime in. So come on in, but don’t tell me what you think. If I have to change anything…..I can’t make another decision.

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