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There’s a point at which we become adults. I can’t pinpoint when exactly it happens, but inevitably, it does. We pack away the toys, paint our rooms neutral, turn off the cartoons, and start tuning into the news. We trade school days for work days, doodle-laden notebooks for to-do lists, and long summer breaks for “long” weekends. Though we may be more buttoned up compared to our younger selves, one thing is true—adults need popsicles too.

Sangria Pops | The Fauxmartha

One part playful, two parts sophisticated—it’s sangria in a popsicle. I make a similar version of this recipe and call it Quick Sangria. Sangria typically needs time to steep, however, my adult self still rarely plans ahead. With a little fresh-squeezed orange juice, pureed strawberries, and a squeeze of lime, it’s ready in the time it takes to stir together. And since popsicles need some quality freezing time, a no-steep sangria is perfect for shortening the overall prep time. You may be tempted to add a splash of liquor into the mix, but hold back as you’ll end up with Granita instead. Liquor doesn’t freeze solid. I knew that. I may or may not have both popsicles and Granita sitting in my freezer right now. Come over?

Sangria Pops | The Fauxmartha

You’re thinking: do you serve it as a dessert, with dinner, or at happy hour? The correct answer is D: all of the above. And if your friend happens to dislike popsicles, place it upside down in a glass with a bit of sparkling water. It’ll turn back into traditional sangria in no time.

Sangria Pops | The Fauxmartha

For all those times when being an adult feels too much like a list of to-dos with disappearing “long” weekends, it’s high time to pull out the popsicle mold and make Sangria Pops. Speaking of, is it the weekend yet?

Sangria Pops | The Fauxmartha


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Sangria Pops

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  • Yield: 10, 3 oz. popsicles 1x


I use a similar version of this recipe to make quick sangria because rarely do I plan ahead. Sangria needs a long steeping time, however, orange juice, pureed strawberries, and a squeeze of lime solve that problem. And since popsicles need time to freeze, a no-steep sangria recipe is perfect for keeping the preparation time short. You may be tempted to add a splash of liquor into the mix, but hold back as it will keep your pops from freezing solid.




  1. Into a pitcher, combine all ingredients and stir.
  2. Evenly distribute mixture into popsicle mold, being sure to leave a tiny bit of room at the top for expansion when freezing. Leftovers? Add a splash of sparkling water and taste test.
  3. Insert sticks and freeze for at least 4 hours before serving. To remove, check that pops are frozen solid by wiggling the stick back and forth. If it stays in place, pops are ready to be removed. If using a plastic mold, as pictured, run under warm water for a second. Carefully rock the stick side-to-side until pops loosen. Serve immediately or return to freezer.


• Can be made up to 1-week in advance.

• Feel free to add fruit into the popsicles if that’s your thing. Adjust the amount of liquid accordingly.

• In the market for a popsicle mold? I’m loving this one.

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