Egg-citing News! | The Fauxmartha

I’ve been keeping a secret for many weeks too long. We’re hatching a little egg this September! We’re as clueless as ever but so excited for the new adventure. I’m 13 weeks and feeling great minus my pants being too tight to button, although still waiting for that bump. I’m craving all things breakfast and bananas which may explain the last couple months of posts. 

Our little chicklet has a nice strong heartbeat. We got to hear it for the first time yesterday—teary eyed, humbled, and regretting we didn’t record it. Lesson #1 of 10,327 has been learned. Kev thinks we’re growing a little girl. According to the wives’ tales, minus my lack of morning sickness, he may be right. As for me, I’m undecided. Just thankful this chicklet is beating and growing. If I didn’t believe in miracles before, I certainly do now.

Bird’s Nest Macaroon recipe. 

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