I don’t care much for baby carrots anymore. I ate them nearly every day at lunch for a solid year. Pretty sure it was the longest year of my life. Have you ever chewed one of those baby carrots? It takes about 5 minutes per carrot. And I always seemed to pack at least 10. That must equal about 4 whole carrots. Those little guys are deceptively dense and far more compact than any normal carrot. And their shape—it’s just a little too perfect. My hands used to turn orange during that time. It all makes sense now. I was eating wayyyy too many carrots. Read more

A couple months ago, I started this simple summer series. I read every last suggestion from you on how to keep summer simple and even implemented a handful, although they were faced with great resistance at first. A friend from college posted a suggestion to go outside, sit on the back porch, and stop everything. Shivers ran up my spine as a read it. Read more

We made it. Halfway across the country. With our loot and car attached. We said goodbye to our old home and hello to a new one. We unpacked globs of boxes, put together stupid amounts of Ikea furniture, and painted some of it too. High stress situations don’t always lead to the smartest decisions. Needless to say, I’m banned from painting furniture and reading Young House Love for awhile. They give me way too many ideas. Read more

Summers are meant to be simple. And light. And easy. And fresh.

They’re meant to press snooze one too many times. To stay up too late. To make new friendships and foster old ones. They’re meant to lose yourself. And find yourself all over again. Read more

I’m craving the fresh flavors of summer. Even more so this year. Summer means that we will be settled in a new state. In a new apartment. With new opportunities. It means that 63 balls will no longer be necessary to juggle at once. It means that we will have said goodbye to the life we are now clinging on to. It means that we will be a little older and, if we’re lucky, a little wiser. It means that we will have survived. Read more