Creamy Strawberry Banana Copycat Angel Food Smoothie King Recipe | The Fauxmartha

I’ve always been a big fan of smoothies. So much so that in high school I worked at a local Smoothie King shop. I’ve tried (and made) all kinds of smoothie recipes from my time there, but my favorite smoothie was their Angel Food Smoothie, featuring banana, strawberries, turbinado sugar, and the perfect ratio of nonfat milk to add a little creaminess. It’s not to love a creamy strawberry banana smoothie. Read more

I’m fighting against the seasonal clock to make as many rhubarb infested treats as possible. The window is short. Too short. I nearly broke out in sweat on a cool 70° morning at the farmer’s market this week. Was I late? Where’s all the rhubarb? Oh, it was there alright. At the very last stand. Read more

Icebox cookies are some of my faves this time of year. There’s no two ways about it figuratively speaking. But literally speaking, there’s two ways about it. Dueling ways. Cranberry Orange vs. Rosemary Orange ways. Read more

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