You might remember Christmas in a Bowl. Layers of homemade brownies, white chocolate peppermint mousse, and dark chocolate pudding. It’s decadent, rich, and a must-have this time of year. But I’ve decided to extend the Christmas in a Bowl family. At 12:25 early yesterday afternoon, Christmas in a Cookie was born. The labor was quick. Much faster than Christmas in a Bowl. She’s tiny but packs a festive punch. Read more

Peppermint Bark from The Faux Martha

Apples come from a case in the grocery store. Oats come out of a bag. And peppermint barks comes from a very expensive tin can. These were the things I thought growing up in sprawling suburbia. One of my favorite parts of adulthood has been understanding the origin of where my food comes from and how to make it if I can. I’ve picked apples from trees. Driven by oat farms and studied the anatomy of this lush little grain. And, as of now, I’ve figured out how incredibly simple it is to make peppermint bark at home. What is it they say? Girl grown.

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If there’s one thing I’m known for at work, it’s not for my inability to carry on an intelligent conversation before 9 am, or for my uncanny knack to memorize all the key strokes in Illustrator and InDesign, or for working chaotically on 5 projects simultaneously. No. I’m best known for Christmas in a Bowl. She makes her annual appearance at my work Christmas party. Her birth name is Triple Chocolate Peppermint Trifle. But after one bite, a coworker renamed her Christmas in a Bowl. Rightly so. With layers of white chocolate peppermint mousse topped with fudgy brownies and dark chocolate pudding she tastes like Christmas. She’s rich and dense, however, not the prettiest thing you ever did see. But don’t judge her book by the cover. You wont be able to put her down. And when you’re done, you’ll wish there was more. Read more

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