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Lemon Poppyseed Macaroon

I’ve never been a huge macaroon fan. Not to be confused with the french confection, macarons—the tiny footed, usually bright, meringues held together by a pastry cream or jam. I’ve never had a problem eating those. A couple weeks ago, the co-op was sampling lemon poppyseed macaroons (with two Os). I grabbed a bite of one at the tail end of my trip. I was pleasantly surprised with the lemon poppyseed macaroon flavor when I found myself nestled into the check-out line, too late to go back and grab one. But, these little lemon poppyseed macaroon morsels piqued my interest enough to think about a recipe of my own. Read more

A couple months ago, Oh Nuts! sent me some jordan almonds and said create. I held on to them idealess for many weeks too long. Of course Easter eggs seemed like the obvious answer. Ombre? Everyone’s doing it. So I removed some of the color from the egg with a wet q-tip. The results were subpar. Speckled, speckled, speckled—I could hear them chanting in the background. With an extra toothbrush and some blue food coloring, they quickly became robin’s eggs. Read more

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