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Open Faced Sammie

  • Yield: 3 sammies 1x


Open Faced Sammie topped with deconstructed egg salad. Save the stir-ins for garnish to achieve a beautiful presentation. Fit for breakfast or a fancy app.




  1. Prepare the pickled onions by following this quick pickling recipe at least 30 minutes ahead of time or 2 weeks in advance. Halving the recipe will yield more than plenty.
  2. Steam eggs following this recipe. It makes for the easiest peeling!
  3. Meanwhile stir together mayo, mustard, and salt in a bowl. Set aside.
  4. Peel eggs, dice, and stir into mayo mixture to evenly coat.
  5. Toast bread. Top with egg salad. Sprinkle with pickled red onions, celery, chives, and mustard seeds (from the pickling juice). Serve immediately.
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