Moms' Lucky Black-Eyed Peas | @thefauxmartha

My mom’s from the south. My dad’s from the north. I grew up with both stuffing and cornbread dressing at holidays to appease the palettes of either pole. But come New Years Day, her southern menu was always on the table. My mom made pork, black-eyed peas, and broccoli casserole (in place of collard or turnip greens). This meal is said to bring health, luck, and prosperity. Maybe the lack of this meal has been your problem all these years? Kidding. I’m no poster child, but tradition keeps me making this menu, especially her black-eyed peas. Read more

Thanksgiving from scratch | @thefauxmartha

I’m taking a full week away from the WWW to spend time with family. Minimal screen time. Plenty of cooking. And as much sleep as I can squeeze in with a little one (who contracted hand, foot, mouth literally on our way out of town). But before I say Happy Thanksgiving, I wanted to leave you with a couple things. #1 My made from scratch Thanksgiving menu. I know you’ve been dying to have it. Make ahead instructions included, when possible. #2 A giveaway of J.Q.Dickinson sea salt (all-natural salt harvested by hand) plus a bag of my favorite homemade granola made with JQD salt. #3 Best for last, a friendsgiving link-up with a bunch of killer recipes and more ways to get your hands on some of this artisanal salt. Read more

Browned Butter Pumpkin Bread | The Fauxmartha

A couple weeks ago when it was still warm enough to make you sweat, we stopped by a lemonade stand on the corner of the street. We chatted with and met new neighbors. I was juggling a cup of lemonade and a nap-ready, wiggly baby while trying to keep four new names straight. (I’m abnormally good with faces but adversely awful with names.) A homeless woman walked up, put her change down on the table without hesitation, and walked away with a cup of lemonade in hand and a smile on her face. My mind was a thousand different places, but present enough to absorb that brief moment.

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Pumpkin Scones | The Fauxmartha

My soon-to-be-neighbor Lucy asked how I come up with recipes. I told her I wish I could attribute it to my brilliantly creative mind. But alas, my mind is neither brilliant or creative when it comes to recipes. And let’s be honest, I’m kind of a Plain Jane when it comes to food. One really good (and simple) recipe far outweighs 10 interesting recipes in my book. Boring, Plain Jane, classic. Call me what you’d like. Read more

Maple Pumpkin Latte Syrup | The Faumxartha

Let me start out by saying—put down your dukes. Have you read the news? This is a heated subject—Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Put out your hand. Mine’s out too. Let’s shake. We’re all still friends here no matter how we take, or don’t take, the PSL. Agreed? Agreed. I’ve been using my mom voice a lot lately. It’s weirding me out too.

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Sweet Corn Arepas | The Fauxmartha

It’s been 1.5 months since we moved to the Twin Cities, and I feel like we’ve been here forever. I had a hunch during my short stint on the east coast that I might be a midwest girl at heart. It’s confirmed. This part of the country feels like home. Though if you asked me in high school where I belonged, it was NYC which was confirmed on a trip with my mom and best friend during my senior year. I wore all black because that’s what Jennifer Aniston was wearing on Friends. The only black shoes I owned outside of my soccer cleats were clogs, so I wore those too and came back with a sprained big toe needing a cortisone shot from walking so much. I should have known then we weren’t the best match. But there’s one big thing I’ve been madly missing from the east coast—food truck arepas.  Read more

Quick Summer Pasta | The Fauxmartha

I’m gonna miss summer dishes that come together in the time it takes water to boil and pasta to cook. Dishes that only involve a couple chops and stirs. Dishes that are best when left uncomplicated, like this one. I’m not even sure what to call it. Quick Summer Pasta will do. It’s served us well this summer, again and again and again. It’s almost too simple to post. Then again, that’s the beauty of it. (Speaking of beauty, read on for a chance to win a set of two pictured handmade linen dinner napkins from StitchNY.) Read more

Spring Pesto | The Fauxmartha

I have a favorite guy at the farmer’s market. He’s probably a bit older than my dad. His hair is white and his skin sun-kissed. His eyes are a soft trustworthy blue with well worn lines around them which tells me he smiles a lot. But most importantly, he has dirt under his fingernails. If his eyes weren’t already trustworthy enough.  Read more