If a recipe calls for cake flour, don’t run to the store just yet. You can make your own by combining 3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons all purpose flour with 2 tablespoons corn, tapioca, or potato starch. Recipe yields one cup.

—Ashlae, Oh, Ladycakes


This post is for anyone that swore they’d never pick up a camera. Because I swore. And for anyone that breaks out in a hot sweat when they have to pick up a camera. Because I sweat and I still sweat. If I can do it… you know how it goes.

Let’s get this started. Hi, my name is Melissa, and I’m a fauxtographer. [Hiiii Melissa.] And I don’t use the word fauxtographer loosely. I’m not trained. But somehow I have acquired a blog, a camera, and lots of food begging to be in the spotlight. I’ve learned a couple things along the way. Just a couple. The most important—light is either your friend or your enemy, you don’t need a fancy set-up to get started, and photography always has a way of keeping you humble. Always. Read more


Banana Coffee Cake | The Fauxmartha

I hoard two things in this world. Gift cards. And recipes. And maybe holey-armpit t-shirts, but we’ve already gone down that road.

My wallet is full of gift cards from last Christmas. Who knows, maybe from the Christmas prior. I’m not a shopper of clothes. But if and when I do, I probably have a gift card to pay for the total. I call this resourceful. My husband calls this wasteful. His giftcards don’t last a month. Read more


A couple months ago, I started this simple summer series. I read every last suggestion from you on how to keep summer simple and even implemented a handful, although they were faced with great resistance at first. A friend from college posted a suggestion to go outside, sit on the back porch, and stop everything. Shivers ran up my spine as a read it. Read more


I’m slowly getting back into work mode after an inspiring couple days in NYC. Filled with a lovely gathering hosted by Blog Brunch. A full day of Alt Summit conferencing. And a last minute breakfast with two of my favorite food bloggers—Apt. 2B Baking Co. and La Buena Vida. In case you’re wondering, I ended up ditching the dress for cropped pants and a ruffly top. Chunky necklace and pointy toed shoes made the cut. But at the end of the day, I forgot about appearances (as noted in the mirror much later that night) and let the time take its course. I learned a couple lessons along the way too.

1. “Find likeminded people. Make sure they’re respectful and a good bunch.” —SwissMiss

There I was. Sitting in a room with likeminded, crazy people bloggers. Following their dream, whatever that even means. Listening to the brilliant and very inspiring Tina of SwissMiss bestowing her rules to live by. My favorite rule—Don’t be a complainer. Instead make things better.


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If you don’t have a fancy handheld citrus juicer, try cutting the citrus lengthwise (in a straight line between the little nubby ends of the lemon) to yield more juice when squeezing by hand. I swear it’s more effective than the common crosswise cutting method. And bonus! Not as many seeds seem to work their way out.
—Laura, The First Mess