I’ve deleted and rewritten this first sentence at least thirty times. I’m forcing myself to reflect on the past year, but I can’t come up with any solid thoughts just yet. Maybe the process of writing it all out will help. I don’t care for New Year’s Day much minus my mom’s black eyed peas. Starting over is hard. As is saying goodbye to family and the anticipation of the holidays. Coming off that high leaves me dog paddling for awhile. Give me a week or two, though, and I’ll make my way to the shore. I’ll find my footing again. Life will take off at an alarming rate. And I’ll beg it to slow down at the start of each new week. But for now, I’m still holding on to 2012.

To that time my friends and I recreated Bitchin’ Sauce while my husband was interviewing all over the country for an internship position.

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Please excuse my absence while I’m not laying out on some exotic beach or hiking up some picturesque mountain. I’m taking a spring break from blogging. I’ll be back next week, fingers crossed, with some sweet new posts. In the meantime you can find me applying for jobs in New Haven, planning my sister’s bachelorette party, returning dusty emails, updating my Facebook page, or working on some top secret projects. Also known as—catching up on life. Be jealous. Or  better yet, have some fun for me. Please!?

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This time of year passes much too fast.
Still trying to figure out how to make it last.
All these late nights seemed like a good idea—
Baking and listening to Christmas songs like Ave Maria.
The scrawny tree, it twinkles, brightly in the background,
With our goofy faces cast on every jewel-toned ornament around.
Packing, wrapping, cleaning—that’s what we should be doing.
Instead we’re in the kitchen inhaling Christmas in a Bowl, forget chewing.
Tomorrow morning early, we should be on the road.
If it’s anytime before 6:30, honey, please call a code.
Ok, fine. I’ll be serious for a quick second.
This has been a wonderful year, I reckon.
Only one semester left of grad school for the husband.
Match Day, February 24th, will tell us where we’re summoned.
I’m a tiny bit excited with a touch of bittersweet.
To watch our future unfold—I consider it a treat.
I forgot to mention one little thing…
Me and rhyming is like my tone deaf neighbor trying to sing.
Now you probably think this poem is super trite.
But what I really meant to say was—

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 

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A week ago I entered my Chili recipe into the Mad Hungry Game Grub contest. Today, I found out that I was one of the semi-finalists! Talk about exciting. I’ve been jumping up and down ever since. They even made my recipe and wrote up a description that sounds much better than I could have written.

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