Gnocchi Macaroni and Cheese | The Fauxmartha

I got my wish. Ended work early on Friday afternoon. Hot chocolate just because. And picturesque snow falling, which turned into a blizzard. An epic one! We’re 34″ under, nearly 3 feet. The roads haven’t been plowed, nor has the backyard where our car sits. We did dig our car out yesterday. Maybe more so to feel justified in drinking another cup of hot chocolate. We’re getting a little stir crazy. It’s times like this I dream of cable, On-Demand, Netflix, and Jetson mobiles. We’re keeping our bellies happy though, making biscuits and cinnamons rolls and doing some yoga to balance it all out. 

On a bright note, I’m over at Wisconsin Cheese blog sharing my sister’s Gnocchi Mac and Cheese. This dish is as epic as the amount of snow out my front door. Still looking for Valentine’s ideas? Serve this up in individual ramekins, with a pretty salad and a juicy little steak. Wine, of course.

I may be hallucinating, but I think I hear a snow plow…

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