Every Wednesday at work, we have break. It’s exactly like it sounds—a break from work. But it gets better. We eat. You could probably say it’s my favorite day of the work week. Never, no never, do I plan a meeting during this time. It’s a sin. 10 am is reserved for break and break alone.

We take turns providing food. You only have to do it a couple times a year. I’d sign up every week if I could, but I’d go broke! So last week it was my turn along with my coworkers Ruby and Danielle. Ruby had the great idea of doing a bake sale. So cute! We each made baked goods. Danielle brought the world’s best Date Balls. I don’t even like dates, and I loooveed these little gems. Ruby brought chocolate chip cookie bars and chocolate cookies. Also delish! And I brought mini brownies and vanilla cupcakes. (PS—If you make these mini style, reduce the baking time immensely. Bake for about 12-15 min.)

The ideas kept on flowing. Ruby came up with prices for the baked goods like—3 shimmies or 4 girl push-ups or 2 karate chops (we work at a non-profit). She also had the cute idea of packaging the food and creating sticker labels. Sign me up! I love designing for food. If I could design for bakeries all day, I’d be in heaven. The only thing better would be working in a bakery all day. A couple clicks and light bulbs later, the Bake Sale became the Break Sale. And we were in business.

Now, if we could only make money.